Who We Are

We're a team of cyclists, runners, and event organizers. We're proud to serve event organizers, timers, and athletes.

Zack Isaacs, Co-Founder and CEO

Zack brings over 10 years of experience in the endurance athletic industry to Movemint. Zack was Strava's first API hire. He built partnerships with Garmin, Wahoo, Peloton, and Zwift to place Strava at the center of connected fitness. He then led engineering for the 0-1 launch of paid routes, Strava's most lucrative feature. He hired the team to build Strava's messaging product. Before Strava, Zack led web development for Momentum Sports Group.

Zack loves bikes and you'll find him at races and group rides around the Bay Area. Only close friends can convince Zack to run.

Taylor Peliska, Co-Founder and Head of Design

Taylor brings a wealth of brand design and startup experience to Movemint. Taylor has his own design agency and has provided design expertise to Metaplex, CoRo, and many other startups.

Taylor is a serial event organizer, and you'll often find him hosting innovative events for the local cycling community. Although Taylor is now a cyclist, his first love was running.

Andrew Vontz, Advisor

Andrew is a startup founder, entrepreneur and creator of the popular Choose the Hard Way podcast. Previously he was a communications executive at Strava, the head of content at TRX and a journalist with bylines in dozens of publications including Rolling Stone, Outside & the Los Angeles Times.