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for athletes

For the love of endurance sport

Movemint was born on a bike ride. We're passionate about the endurance sports community and dedicated to supporting the organizers, timers, brands, and athletes who bring it to life.

Inspired by events

An amazing event can be truly transformative. Making it happen requires perfect timing, committed volunteers, reliable vendors, and a host of other details falling into place. We're inspired by the dedication organizers put into their events every day, and at Movemint, we strive to match that level of care and attention.

The Movemint Team

Zack Isaacs
Co-Founder & CEO

Zack brings over 10 years of experience in the endurance athletic industry to Movemint. Zack was Strava's first API hire. He built partnerships with Garmin, Wahoo, Peloton, and Zwift to place Strava at the center of connected fitness. He then led engineering for the 0-1 launch of paid routes, Strava's most lucrative feature. He also hired and led a team to build Strava's messaging product. Before Strava, Zack led web development for Momentum Sports Group.

Zack loves bikes and you'll find him at races and group rides around the Bay Area. Only close friends can convince Zack to run.

Taylor Peliska
Co-Founder & Head of Design

With almost a decade of design and startup experience, Taylor is excited to help built the future of endurance events at Movemint. In addition of running his own creative agency, he has worked with startups like Metaplex and AuthZed on everything from building design systems to executing brand campaigns.

Taylor is a former track & field athlete who found bikes in retirement. He is a serial event organizer, and you'll often find him hosting innovative events for the local cycling community.

Julia Jaschke
Founding Software Engineer

Julia brings a wealth of product engineering experience from Strava, where she contributed to Routes, AI, and Messaging. She's excited to continue her journey at Movemint, where she will tackle the company's toughest problems and build the future of events.

Julia's loves trail running, biking, and hiking. Whether she's exploring new trails or cycling through the Marin Headlands, she's constantly seeking new adventures. When not outdoors, she's off traveling the world, embracing the magic of new places.

Sam O'Keefe
Head of Partnerships

Sam brings broad experience and numerous accomplishments as an athlete and professional to Movemint. He is a strategic thinker who excels at helping organizers market their events and brands. Previously, he was responsible for developing some of the largest renewable energy projects in the Midwest.

Sam is a former member of Team USA and national champion cyclist, marathon runner, and ski mountaineer.

Investors & Advisors

Brian Devaney
Investor, Underscore VC

Brian has a diverse background spanning operations, investing, and strategy consulting. At Underscore, he specializes in AI and B2B software, working closely with early-stage founders to navigate challenges and strategize growth. Previously, Brian led go-to-market efforts at Strava, scaling their business from pilot engagements to global reach, showcasing his eye for transformative leadership.

Anthony Vennare
Investor, Fitt Capital

Anthony Vennare is the co-founder of Fitt Capital and Fitt Insider. As a lifelong athlete, strength coach, and former United States Marine, Anthony now works at the intersection of technology, venture capital, and health/fitness. An experienced operator, exited founder, and fund advisor he leads the firm’s investment strategy, working closely with startups at the earliest stages.

Joe Vennare
Investor, Fitt Capital

Joe Vennare is the co-founder of Fitt Capital and Fitt Insider. Leveraging extensive health and fitness experience, he's worked across nearly every aspect of the industry, including gyms/studios, digital platforms, and human performance. Tapping this expertise, he's immersed in market research and trend analysis supporting the company's media division, investment fund, and portfolio companies.

Andrew Vontz

Andrew is a startup founder, entrepreneur and creator of the popular Choose the Hard Way podcast. Previously he was a communications executive at Strava, the head of content at TRX and a journalist with bylines in dozens of publications including Rolling Stone, Outside & the Los Angeles Times.

Olia Birulia

Olia is the co-Founder at the AI fitness coaching platform, Kiwi. She serves as a advisor for startups, leveraging her expertise to guide emerging ventures towards success. A seasoned UX designer with exceptional strategic, creative, and communication abilities. Olia is a former Senior Product Designer at Strava.