Frequently Asked Questions

What is Movemint?


Movemint is the platform for athletic events. We make it easy for event organizers to manage event registrations, communication, and results. We have all the features you expect like waiver signing, donation and merchandise support, and volunteer management. We also have a powerful email marketing tool that allows you to send unlimited emails for free.

What kind of events does Movemint support?


We support all types of athletic events: running races, bike races, walk-a-thons, gran fondos, group rides, fundraisers, and more. We serve events from 10 to 10,000+ participants. If you're curious about how Movemint can work for you, please reach out.

How do I upload results?


To upload results, go to the Results tab of your event admin page and select Manage Results. In the Upload New Results section, name your result; this is usually the name of the race. Then select your CSV.

The first row of the CSV must be column headers, e.g. first_name and last_name, so that Movemint can map your file to our results system. Please include time and bib (if applicable) for each participant. To identify participants, you have two options: 1) pass in a movemint_confirmation_code, which you can get by exporting participant data or 2) pass in first_name, last_name, gender (female, male, non-binary, or blank if unknown), and age. If you prefer to use date of birth instead of age, you can use a dob column with format YYYY-MM-DD. It's fine to mix options 1) and 2) in a single file; this is common if you have movemint_confirmation_code's for participants who registered well in advance, but you also need to input day-of participant info.

We use each finisher's age and gender to place them in the correct age group category. By default, we support men, women, and non-binary gender identities, each with age categories for 1-14, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, and 80+.

Note each results file you upload should correspond to one event, e.g. your 5k. If you have multiple sub-events, you can upload one results file for your 5k, another for your 10k, etc.

If your event has multiple heats or a long spread of finishers, and you want to score everybody in the same results set, you can use our Reupload Results feature. This maintains your results name and all links to your results, but it replaces your old data with new data.

We display useful messages whenever possible if we're unable to successfully parse all of the results data.

Here is an example CSV. If you get stuck, make sure your file is structured like the example.

How do virtual events work?


Event organizers select a date range and any Strava segments they want. Participants do the segments. We generate leaderboards for best efforts (lowest time) and most efforts. You can add as many segments as you want and even combine sport types. It's super fun.

Virtual events are in beta. If you want to organize one, please reach out.

Can Movemint help me setup my event?


Yes. We're happy to help setup your event. Please contact us for assistance.

Does Movemint support free and paid events?


Yes. When you create an event on Movemint, you create at least one category. If your event has a 10k and a kids race, you would create a category for each. You can assign a price to each category, or leave price blank to make the category free.

Can I add other admins?


Yes. You can add as many event admins as you want. Add your timer, charity partners, or team members.

Can I collect donations with Movemint?


Yes. When you create or edit an event, you can setup donations. You can add as many donation organizations as you wish. We prompt all participants to select a donation amount during checkout. Participants can also opt not to donate. Requiring participants to opt out of donations is one of the little details we've implemented to get you as many donations as possible.

We also enable people to donate without registering for your event. This allows them to support your cause even if they can't participant in your event.

Can I send donations directly to my donation partners?


Yes. You can select a payment account for each donation category so funds go directly to the donation organization. If you invite a charity partner to be an admin of your event, they can input all of their bank information into a payment account.

Can I manage volunteers on Movemint?


Yes. You can add as many volunteer categories as you want. You can assign a name, description, and volunteer limit to each volunteer category, e.g. 3 people at the registration tent 9am-noon.

Can I ask custom questions during registration?


Yes. You can ask as many custom questions as you want. You can allow participants to supply free-form answers or select from pre-made options.

Can I sell merchandise?


Yes. You can sell t-shirts, hoodies, and other types of merchandise on Movemint. Merchandise can be configured as a single option e.g. "camp spot," or have multiple options e.g. "Small," "Medium," and "Large."

How much does Movemint cost?


Movemint is free for event organizers. We make money by adding a low processing fee to paid checkouts. You can see our pricing here.

How does Movemint work with timers?


Your timer can export participant data from Movemint into their scoring software. We also have a beta integration to automatically sync participant data from Movemint with RaceDay Scoring. Please contact us if you're interested in trying out this feature.

How do payouts work?


We use Stripe for payment processing and payouts. After you create your first event, we send you to Stripe to setup payouts. You can also access your Stripe dashboard anytime from your event admin page. You can configure payouts to go to a bank account, a card, etc. By default, we payout registration fees every other day.

How do emails work?


When you create an event, we give you full access to our powerful email marketing tool. We allow you to send unlimited emails for free. You can choose to send emails immediately or schedule them to send at a specific date and time in the future. You can send emails to your current participants or to a targeted audience, like people who did your event last year who aren't signed up yet this year.

How do waivers work?


When participants register for your event, we make them agree to our default waiver. You can also add your own waiver when you create or edit an event. If you do that, we'll make participants agree to both your waiver and our default waiver.

How do Strava course maps work?


We have an integration with Strava that allows event organizers to attach Strava routes to their events as course maps. Adding course maps to your event shows participants what they need to train for and increases registrations for people who are on the fence. This feature also helps participants stay on course during your event.

After you create an event, we prompt you to connect your Strava account to Movemint. When you accept that connection, we pull in all of your Strava routes. We allow you to search through your routes by name and attach them to your event. Participants can then star the route and put it onto their phone or Garmin.

Does Movemint collect and remit sales tax?


Yes, we collect and remit sales tax for all events by default. You can learn more about our sales tax policy here.

Can I import existing customer and event data?


Yes. Please send us a message. We can help import all your existing customer and events data.

What event locations does Movemint support?


Movemint supports events everywhere within the United States. All transactions use USD ($). We have plans to internationalize Movemint in the future.

Does Movemint have a partner program?


Yes. If you're a large-scale event organizer or timer, please reach out to us to learn more.

How does support work?


We provide email and phone support for all event organizers. You are our number one priority.

Still have questions? Submit a request or email us at