Sales Tax Policies

Collecting sales tax is critical to complying with the law. It's also very complicated. We make it a lot easier.

The Short Story: We Have You Covered

As an event organizer, you can rest assured that Movemint collects sales tax on your behalf to ensure your event is compliant with current state and local tax law. Our sales tax system is informed by advice from tax professionals and lawyers.

We Collect and Remit Sales Tax By Default

Movemint collects and remits sales tax on all purchases by default. This is required by law for states with Marketplace Facilitator Laws.

For states without Marketplace Facilitator Laws, we still collect and remit sales tax by default. We're not required by law to do this, but we do it to make your life easier. Event organizers in these states can reach out to us if they would prefer to remit sales tax themselves.

We automatically register to collect sales tax in every jurisdiction in which events on our platform are held. We remit sales tax based on the collection schedule given to us by the local tax authority.

How We Calculate Sales Tax

We assess sales tax by sending the locations of the event and the participant to Stripe. Stripe calculates sales tax for each line item in the cart and we add that tax to the cart subtotal.

Stripe constantly updates its tax system to reflect new legislation. If you believe we are incorrectly calculating sales tax, please send us the relevant section of your local tax law; we'll review the law and override the tax rate if we determine that Stripe's calculation is incorrect.


In most states, nonprofits are subject to special sales tax treatment. If you're organizing an event for a nonprofit, please reach out to us to ensure your participants are charged the correct sales tax rates.